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Welcome to Mednet

Mednet Consult is a UK healthcare consultancy and service provider committed to providing unique and innovative solutions. We are driven to achieve the highest standards of excellence, innovation and communication in serving healthcare organisations. Our dedication to provide patient-focused and cost effective solutions to any healthcare requirements is evident from our wide range of services.

We are a growing and energetic company currently working in collaboration with NHS provider, Department of Health, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), private/commercial and charity healthcare organisations.

We apply our knowledge, strategic vision and focussed creativity to every challenge.

To find out more about the services Mednet can provide, please contact us.




Mednet's annual charity event





Mednet have organised a charity walk, 23rd May 2014, covering nearly 20 miles in the Bronte Moors. All proceeds of fundraising will go to the charity ‘The Lewy Body Society’, a registered charity that focuses on supporting research for this little known but not uncommon and devastating disease.

Please click here to support the cause and help us fundraise for the charity.